Blueberry Plants from Cuttings

The TurfPro USA difference!

     Blueberry plants from cuttings. Those on the left and bottom                         Tray on the right was done with TurfPro

     right were grown with TurfPro at a rate of ½ gallon for every                        Liquid – A concentrated liquid all natural

     100 gallons of water fed once a week. Average tray plant                              100% organic humate. May 2011

     survival rate with TurfPro over 90% without Less than 60%.

TurfPro or Turf and Garden Pro liquid concentrates

                                                Blueberry Plants pull at random from trays by the grower –

                                                Only difference in the two is TurfPro was used on the one on the right.

    2033A           5/9/2011

TurfPro USA products are the only all-in-one 100% Organic Soil Amendments, Soil Conditioners, Soil Inoculants on the market that contain: Humic Acids, Beneficial Soil Biology, Plant Available Trace Elements and Lignin in an Organic Carbon base.                                                                                                     

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