Application rates for AgriPro


An all natural product containing beneficial soil biology, plant usable trace elements, full spectrum of humic acids and Lignin.

Application rates recommended are based on general crop information and can very for various plants.  AgriPro is 100% organic dry Humate Product, so higher application rates will not harm most plants. In instances where ammonia buildup or chemical runoff is a problem, higher dosages can be very beneficial.

Top dressing or mixed with potting media for potted plants:

2 1/2”  pot ------------------------------------- 1 tablespoon

4” Pot – shallow -------------------------—–– 1 ½ tablespoons

6”  pot – shallow -----------------------------–4 teaspoons

8” pot – shallow ------------------------------- 2 tablespoons  

1 gallon container ------------------------------5 Tablespoons

3 gallon container ------------------------------ ¾ cup

5 gallon container ------------------------------ 1 ¼ cups

10 gallon container ----------------------------- 2 ½ cups

20 gallon container --------------------------5  cups

For 1 cubic foot of potting mix  use ¾ pounds of AgriPro

For 1 cubic yard of potting soil use 20 pounds of AgriPro

Nursery tests show that regular applications (monthly) of Turf & Garden Pro liquid as a foliar spray/drench will further enhance the dry product’s performance.  Application rates for Turf & Garden Pro are one ounce per gallon of water.

Transplanting – recommended amount pre hole:

 Use double the amount of AgriPro shown above spread around the potting hole based on the pot size of the plant you are planting. It can be mixed with dry organic fertilizer or slow release fertilizer.

Field and Crop application rates:

 Application rates are based on medium density soils @ 6.4 pH.  

1. Side Dress --------------------------------------------  1 pound per 12 foot row

2. Broadcast ------------------------------------------ 1/2 pound per 100 square feet - 200 pounds per acre

Compost Pile Starter:

Add 1 cup of AgriPro per 5 square foot of  surface area with every now layer of compost.  

Aquatic plants:

Add 1 tablespoon of  AgriPro per quart of builders sand when potting.

Starting Seeds:

Enough to coat seeds- Moist seeds so AgriPro will stick to seeds.

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TurfPro USA products are the only all-in-one 100% Organic Soil Amendments, Soil Conditioners, Soil Inoculants on the market that contain: Humic Acids, Beneficial Soil Biology, Plant Available Trace Elements and Lignin in an Organic Carbon base.                                                                                                     

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