Controlling Dog Spots with TurfPro USA  

Application Rates

Counteracting the killing effect of dog urine spots varies with the amount time after the spotting occurred and when you are able to treat it. The faster you are able to work on the spot the faster it will go away plus less product will be needed to treat the spot


Following are a several solutions for treating urine spots using TurfPro USA products:

These solutions are for people with one to three large dogs or up to 5 smaller dogs:

1) Hose end sprayer – Set you rate at 2 ounces or Turf & Garden Pro per gallon of water as spray the spot and surrounding area for minimum of 20 seconds or until you start to see runoff. If your soil is hard and you get rapid runoff you will need to reapply several times to get proper coverage (suggest you aerate the soil).

2) Direct application: Wet the area down and them take a garden watering can and mix 6 ounces of Turf & Garden Pro to one gallon of water and sprinkle the area. After application water the area again lightly to get additional penetration.

3) Using dry product – Wet the area down to where it is thoroughly damp. Sprinkle ½ cup of AgriPro evenly over the area. Then water to let some or it to penetrate into the soil. Do not water to where there is runoff.

Solutions for large number of animals where you are getting urea buildup and odor:

1) We developed Ark Pro 1 for the degradation of animal urine and odor control where large numbers of animals are exercised or kept. It is being used at dog parks and zoos for this propose. Application rates will vary depending on location and type of surface being treated.

Product limitations: The remediation of urine spots with our product works best when soil temperatures are high. Effectiveness drops off as the soil temperature goes down to where most biological activity stops at 40 degrees F.

All TurfPro USA products are 100% organic and carry the US EPA “Design for the Environment” Seal

Protecting our pets and the environment should be a major concern for all of us.

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