Beneficial Soil Biology

You cannot have healthy soil without beneficial soil biology: Healthy well balanced soil is a combination of a number of things but what makes it all work is soil biology. Your inorganic soil needs a continuous supply of organic material but this organic material will not breakdown without biology. Other biology works with your plants to supply the roots the nutrients they need by changing them into forms that plants can use.

We have been taught by the chemical fertilizer companies that all you need to grow plants is to give them synthetic fertilizer. Yes, you can grow plants but are they healthy and disease resistant? No, without healthy soil biology your plants become ready victims to all types of insects and other disease plus they can be deficient in many of the nutrients needed.

Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, harsh car and house washing material along with the synthetic fertilizers destroy beneficial soil biology and weaken your soil. As the amount of organic carbon decreases in the soil more of these chemicals wash on through into the ground water system and pollutes ponds, lakes and streams.

There is so much great information available now I will not try and compete against it but would rather list a number of sites for your use.

Ways to build soil biology:

1. Compost tea – This is a good way to make fast use of things like kitchen scraps. Be careful not to use any meat or other material that can produce salmonella or e-Coli. Because of the lack of a food source once the tea is brewed it needs to be used or it will do little or no good. Compost Tea replicates only those organisms present in the compost at brewing time so, in most cases, you are getting some but not all of the biology you need. Scraps that have not been treated with chemicals are best.

2. Worm Tea – Good way to build soil biology. Has a limited self life but longer than compost tea. Wide range of beneficial biology that is limited to what is in the food the worms are eating.

3. Compost – Composting is a great way to get organic material back into the soil while lessening the burden on landfills. Do not put dog waste or disease plant material back into compost.

4. Humates – Many brands of liquid and dry humates are on the market but very few have biology in them. Our TurfPro USA products are some of the few with a full range of beneficial biology in them.

Creating a soil habitat is the first step to managing soil biological properties for long-term soil health and continued productivity. Healthy soils are living, breathing, and ever changing if properly managed. Chemical free soil with a good balance of soil biology can effectively produce nutritious food at lower cost to the environment.

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