The Natural Odor Eliminator

Bio1 is a liquid bacterial formula that improves waste degradation and controls odors for residential,  municipal, and light industrial wastewater applications. Bio1 is ideal for treatments with low Biological Oxygen Demand in the range 300-750 PPM.

Bio1 is specially formulated to effectively manage difficult compounds and chemicals present in wastewater. Unlike any other product, Bio1 contains active bacterial strains which digest difficult and non-biodegradable compounds. These compounds such as detergents, paper, oil, grease, and hydrocarbons are consumed by Bio1. It will work in either aerobic or anaerobic conditions.

Bio1 is a humate based product that has never been treated with heat or chemicals it acts and a natural carring agent for many types of beneficial types of biology. Since this ‘Natural Carrier’ is mostly organic carbon it is non-corrosive beyond normal normal water corrosion.

Bio1 also provides immediate odor control. This is achieved by the beneficial microbes and lignin. The lignin acts as a macromolecular "sponge" by absorbing and capturing potentially odorous compounds. The lignin contains 7 open receptor sites that bind to odor causing elements like ammonia. The result is a much cleaner, odor-free environment.

Bio1 is a natural formula.
Optimum Conditions for Use: 
The bacteria in Bio1 perform within a pH range of 5.0 – 9.8 with the optimum near pH 7.0. Temperature affects the activity of the working solution and action increases with rising temperatures up to 145 F. No activity can be expected below 40 F. (5 C.)

Bacterial Count:  40 billion/gallon

Appearance: Dark Brown

Odor: Musty fragrance

Specific Gravity: 1.04

US Patent #: 6,656,723 B1

Shelf Life: Effective up to 2 years

Uses: Odor abadment from animal waste at Zoos, animal parks, dog parks and etc.

Formulated totally from natural organic material to protect the environment – 100% organic

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