The Natural Grease Trap Cleaner

BioGRZ  is a ready-to-use liquid bacterial formulation specifically designed to provide improved waste degradation for commercial grease trap applications.

BioGRZ  contains a synergistic blend of new Bacterial strains which have been scientifically developed (selectively adapted) to cope with difficult compounds and chemicals present in wastewater effluent.

BioGRZ unlike any other bio-formulation, BioGRZ contains bacterial strains which actually digest difficult and non-biodegradable compounds such as detergents, paper, oil, grease, hydrocarbons, phenols, etc.

BioGRZ bio-formulation provides exceptional results when utilized to accomplish rapid degradation of fats, oils, and grease in grease traps and septic systems, especially where chemical kills have occurred and for the continued maintenance of bio-systems to insure optimum performance.

BioGRZ formulation significantly improves the performance of septic tanks and grease traps. These cultures provide the best protection you can buy for any anaerobic application.  This formula will vastly improve the overall health of your system and eliminate costly pump outs!

BioGRZ is a natural formula carries the US EPA “Design for the Environment” seal so you can rest assured that it is not only safe but beneficial for the environment.

BioGRZ is non-corrosive, non-pathogenic, safe to handle and store.

Optimum Conditions for Use: 

The bacteria in Bio1 perform within a pH range of 5.0 – 9.8 with the optimum near pH 7.0. Temperature affects the activity of the working solution and action increases with rising temperatures up to 145 F. No activity can be expected below 40 F. (5 C.)

Bacterial Strains: Starch, Protein, cellulose, detergent, fat, grease & oil digestive bacteria

Bacterial Count:  40 billion/gallon

Appearance: Dark Brown

Odor: Musty fragrance

Specific Gravity: 1.04

US Patent #: 6,656,723 B1

Shelf Life: Effective up to 2 years

Uses: Cleans Grease traps and can be added to septic systems with high grease usage.

 Formulated totally from organic material to protect the environment – 100% organic

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