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Are lawns bad for the environment?  Not if they are properly managed!

1. Average managed lawns capture 4 times the amount of carbon used in their maintenance.

2. Well managed lawns capture 5 to 7 times the amount of carbon used in their maintenance.

3. Recycling nitrogen from grass clippings is the largest driver of carbon sequestration.


Our country is so large and diverse in climates, elevation and type of soil, no single solution works for all areas and types of turf/grass we grow. Most all areas have local garden centers and university extension agents that can help you with understanding your local conditions. The one thing that is constant in all areas is the need for a continuous supply of nutrients and healthy soil biology. Turf and Garden Pro, our 100% organic liquid Humate can provide this while helping to protect the environment

What you grow in conjunction with your lawn also can make a big difference in how you care for the grass. Learn the pH of your soil and adjust it as needed. Most grasses like the soil pH to be between 6.0 and 7.5 pH. Optimum nutrient utilization is considered to be at a pH of 6.2.

Things like pine trees, many other conifers, azaleas and other acid loving plants can cause major problems with lawns because of rain running off of trees  and bushes at the drip line.  This water can be highly acidic and easily damage grass. Another problem is acidic leaves and needles on the grass causing the pH to go down.  Adding lime on a regular basis can make a difference but it takes time for lime to raise the soil pH.

Cutting your grass to short is another major problem. Without enough leaf area to manufacture food a plants roots cannot grow strong and deep. Let the grass grow at least 2½ inches high and mow more frequently. Leaving grass clippings helps reduce the need for fertilizer and water while it is replenishing the organic material in the soil.

When watering, water deep. Grass roots will not go down unless there is moisture for them. You need to get the water to go down about 6 to 7 inches. To go deeper than that gains very little and can add to groundwater pollution.

Roots need air like all living things. As it compacts air circulation is reduced and root growth lessens. It is a good idea to aerate your lawn at least once every year or so. The more traffic the lawn gets the faster it will compact. Thatch build up is also something that can cut air off from the grasses roots.

Good healthy grass will choke out most weeds and reduce the need for environmentally harmful herbicides. The same is true for most fungal problems.


Moving toward a Well Managed Lawn?

1. Reduce your fertilizer use by as much as 50%.  Turf and Garden Pro introduces necessary soil biology to your yard that chemicals and synthetic fertilizers have destroyed.  This newly introduced soil biology works with your lawn’s roots to improve their ability to take up and utilize fertilizer more efficiently.  Turf and Garden Pro also adds necessary trace elements grasses need to make them healthier and stronger.  In Florida alone, there are 780,000 acres of private lawns using 500,000 tons of fertilizer every year. Can you imagine the benefits to the environment by cutting our fertilizer in half?  Plus, think of the cost $avings!

2. Reduce water usage by up to 40%. Turf and Garden Pro, with its high quality Ancient Humus, works hard to rebuild the organic content of your soil.  This makes your soil better able to hold moisture, thus reducing the amount of water needed.  This along with proper watering techniques (less often but longer) allows the water to go deep into your soil and your lawn’s roots will grow deeper to take it in. If you have a sprinkler system, consider adding an injection system ( to feed your lawn a small amount every time you water. This technique, called “fertigation”, is the best way to feed your lawn. When you fertilize heavily three or four times a year, you get a rush of growth, then your lawn runs out of food and loses its strength.  When you add a very small amount of fertilizer to your lawn on a regular basis, it is healthier and looks great all the time. This method can reduce fertilizer run-off anywhere from 40% to 80%, this is wasted fertilizer that is never utilized by plants and is on its way to polluting our lakes and streams. A consistently healthy lawn is a stronger lawn and more able to choke out weeds and better fight pests and disease. Add a moisture sensing system or turn off your system during times of heavy rains to keep from wasting water.

3. Reduce nutrient run-off.   Turf and Garden Pro has lignin in it helps to bind up chemicals compounds like fertilizer and keeps them in the root zone untill beneficial soil biology can unlock them for the plant to use. With Turf and Garden Pro your new healthy soil will efficiently breakdown nutrients (fertilizers and organic material).  This makes it easier for your lawn to use fertilizer; meaning you will need much less. This reduces the potential runoff of pollutants that can find their way into our lakes and streams and eventually to our groundwater.

4. Provide necessary trace elements needed for a healthy lawn.  Lawns need a number of minor elements to become and stay healthy. Some of these are required in very small amounts but all are essential to the plant in some way.  Turf and Garden Pro can contain as many as 68 natural trace elements in a form that is readily available to your lawn.

5. Build your lawns’ natural immune systems.   Both the trace elements and the microbiology are keys to a lawns’ ability to fight off disease and harmful pests. Turf and Garden Pro reduces the need for large amount of nitrogen, creating healthier and stronger cell walls.

6. Improve drought resistance and temperature tolerance.  Stronger lawns with deeper roots, assisted by healthy beneficial soil biology, make yards more drought resistant. Your stronger and healthier lawn will be able to handle wider temperature swings.

7. Minimize or  eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides. Strong immune systems, assisted by the natural antibiotics in ‘Complete Ancient Humate’, allow your lawn to naturally ward off many diseases and pests.  Stronger grass with deeper and better roots will crowd out most weeds.  A true organic lawn will require some occasional spot weeding.  Never remove more than a third of your grass blades at any mowing as this will weaken the root systems.  

8. Rebuild your soils organic content and reduce thatch.   Let Turf and Garden Pro live soil biology begin the process of creating a natural balance in your soil that will breakdown thatch and turn it into productive organic material. For every 1% of organic material you add back into the soil per 1,000 square feet, you remove more than 400 pounds of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.


Fertilizers:  The right fertilizer is going to vary greatly by soil type, soil pH and the water you use to water you lawn. Using high number fertilizers can hurt as much as help in some cases. The amount of phosphorus needed varies with the amount of natural phosphate that is in the soil. Many fertilizers do not have the trace elements in them that the lawn needs and in some cases where they are listed as ingredients they are not in a form that is available to the grass. When looking at organic fertilizers you will find that most of them have very low nitrogen levels. What you may not know is that in healthy soil the organic fertilizer is equal to more than six times the number show on synthetic fertilizers. There are many very good organic fertilizers on the market these days and they are much more earth friendly.

Soil Amendments: Adding a ‘Complete Ancient Humate’ to you lawn/turf care can make a lot of difference as talked about above. Turf and Garden Pro by TurfPro USA, is one of the very few products on the market that can deliver all of the things I talked about.

Turf and Garden Pro contains Humic Acid to stimulate growth, soil biology to work with plant roots (It has a natural nitrogen fixing agent to make better use of the fertilizer you use), 68 elements in plant available form to give the grass a balanced diet and lignin to hold water and nutrients so the grass can get them as needed.

Summery: Both of the products recommended above are 100% organic and made in the USA. Good looking lawns are possible and still be “Earth Friendly” if you work with the right products.

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