More birds to sell – Greater weight per bird - Using less feed

Litter Life  - Environmentally Friendly – 100% Organic

2nd  – Field Trial

Litter Life  vs. two other products and a control group

This study compares the results of various products against profitability for commercially raised broilers while the chickens were in place.

Bottom line cost is very important in a business that has very little room for profitability. Litter Life not only can increase your bottom line but does in a way that protects the environment and lowers the possibility of future cleanup costs.

Study Design: The study compares the effectiveness of Litter Life against two other litter treatment materials and an untreated control group.

The study was performed at a commercial poultry facility where 12 Houses were used in the trails:

15,000 High Y & Ross cross chicks were placed in each chicken house. The houses were maintained in similar manners of temperature and general environmental conditions.  Feed and vaccinations were consistent between all of the houses.

At these rates the Litter Life would have produced an additional 2,532 broilers for market than the Sodium Bisulfate in this growing cycle based on the total of twelve (12) houses used in the study. An additional 5,220 broilers against the Enzyme product and an additional 8,778 broilers against the untreated control group.

Litter Life (Organic Pro LT)

Field Trial #2 - Continued

3rd Field Trial

 Litter Life  vs. Poultry Guard & a Seven Farm Control Group

This test was done using four houses each for Litter Life and Poultry Guard plus additional information from seven other farms using their standard program:

Mortality Rate;

Food Requirements (Pounds of food per pound of broiler weight:

Condemnation Rate:

Field trial #3 - Continued

Reduction of Ammonia:

Reduction of Cake:


Why Litter Life  Works:

Ease of Application:

Other Benefits:

Not only is Litter Life  a 100% organic,  environmentally friendly product but, it out performs other products used for this purpose and it is price competitive.

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