College of Agricultural Sciences      


Novemher 19, 1990


Peat; Fuel Co., Inc.

Hr. Walter H. Haymans, President

Peat Products co.

P.O. Box 14067

Savannah, GA 31416

Dear Mr. Haymans:


Thanks for the copies of the results of the analysis of concentrated liquid organic substances and organic granular substances.

After spending over fifty years of my life studying and researching the role of organic substances in plant growth and development, it. is rewarding to observe progress in harvesting, processing, and opportunities of marketing high quality granular and liquid organic substances.

There is a great need and potential market for high quality organic substances in the agricultural and horticultural indus­tries. Examples of these needs are in media for container grown nursery plants, mixtures for growing and potting soil for trees and shrubs, turf, sod and sports turf soil mixes, top dressing for home and commercial lawns, and in growing of greenhouse crops. You certainly have the basic materials in your peat products operation to· fill these commercial needs.

The liquid and granular organic substances are ideal for complimentary products to the new and promising polymer industry .. Polymers are ideal as carriers for growth promoting substances such as humic acids and micro-nutrients.

The analysis of concentrated liquid organic products is very favorable for activated mixtures and polymers. The micro-nutrient content of iron, copper, magnesium, zinc and sulfur meet most plant nutrient requirements. The humic acids analysis is an ideal range for plant growth.

There is a definite need. for organic substances and with your supply of quality materials you have a great opportunity to develop these specific mixtures.

Please keep me advised.

         T. L. Genn, Ph.D.

         Head Professor

         Department of Horticulture


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