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Jan. 17, 2005

Alpaca Dung Piles – Barn and Paddock

To deodorize barn and paddock areas we mix Ark Pro10 in a garden type sprinkling can. After removing accumulated manure, sprinkle Ark Pro10 mixture over dung areas in paddock and barn.

Test: Follow the above directions; leave the area for about ½ hour, return and it the “sniff” test! We are always amazed at how rapidly the odor disappears!

Wheelbarrow Deodorizing

Use the method as above to sprinkle Ark Pro10 in empty wheelbarrow or carts. Reduces odor of standing wheelbarrows and reduces attraction of flies.

Alpaca Shows and Transportation

Alpacas are usually penned on grass sod over concrete floors during shows. They tend to go in one spot which gets saturated. After removing manure, we spray the area with Ark Pro10 to deodorize.

Occasionally alpacas are housed in horse stalls during shows. Box stalls have clay floors. To prevent the fleece on show animals from getting contaminated, we put down turf grass type rugs. The alpacas go on top of the rugs which get stained and retain odor. After removing manure, we spray the rugs under the dung area. It deodorizes the rugs during the show and during the ride home in the truck.

The second advantage is the stain removal from the turf grass. We have always used a pressure washer to clean the rugs when we return home. We would use the detergent recommended be the pressure washer manufacturer. The rugs were clean, but remained stained in the areas where the dung had been. Now we spray the rugs with Ark Pro10 and then use the pressure washer, all of the stains were removed along with the odor.

Alpaca Fiber

Initially, I was concerned that the dark brown color of the Ark Pro10 might stain the fiber of the alpaca if they would lie in the area where we sprayed Ark Pro10. I decided to experiment. I put white fiber into a bowl of full strength Ark Pro10. I let it set for some time. I ran the fiber under water to rinse. I was delighted to find that not only did it not stain the fiber, but the rinsed fiber was snow white.

The leg fibers of alpacas get very dirty and stained from laying down in mud, grass and sometimes in areas of manure. I now mix Ark Pro10 and put into a spray bottle. I spray the legs or any spot that is stained and then rinse with plain water from a hose. The stains roll of like magic!

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