Liquid Compost Tea Starter/Enhancer


Compost Tea is a liquid solution or suspension made by steeping compost in water.  There are five major types of teas… aerobic, compost leachate, manure tea.   Each type is made differently, but they are all brewed to be introduced to soils in order to create/increase soil biology.

Compost Tea: An extract of compost where the bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and beneficial nematodes are increased in numbers using nutrients and oxygen provided the composting material you use. It is oxygenated tea made from compost. Care must be taken as to what you put into your compost mix. Meat scraps, animal waste and many other things can quickly bring about harmful bacteria such as E-coli. It has little in the way of nutrients. Don't try to make compost tea without the aeration equipment. If the tea is not aerated constantly, the organisms in it will quickly use up the oxygen. At this point will start to stink and become anaerobic. Anaerobic tea can harm your plants. Anaerobic "tea" will produce methane, alcohol and can  permit the growth of E-coli and other adverse pathogens. Use brewed tea within a short time after taking it from areation.

Composte leachate: It is the collection of water that runs through a compost pile. It is usually low in biolgy but hs higher levels of nutrients. You need to be careful in that it can be anaerobic with many harmful bacterias in it. Not recommended for most.

Manure Tea: This is the liquid from a manure pile. It can usable levels of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium but it can also contain high levels of harmful bacteria. It often contains high numbers of root feeding nematodes. Not recommended for most.

The compost you are working from will generate a number of beneficial bacteria that are very useful in building soil, if you keep a healthy level of organic material in your soil, controlling many pathogens and diseases. Very time you brew a batch you will get some differences in the biology because of variations in what you use as compost.

To further enhance the effectiveness of you tea you need to increase the type and number of beneficial soil biology. This can be done by using a Compost Tea Starter/Enhancer.

A Starter/Enhancer, when used at the very beginning of the brewing process, should a number of strains of beneficial soil biology to give you a complex mix of biology, both bacillus and fungi, well beyond that normally found in freshly brewed tea.  The Starter/Enhancer should provide the food necessary to keep the biology alive and active until it can colonize the new mix.

An additional dose of Starter/Enhancer during brewing will reinforce the biology that has already started.  

What Compost Tea Starter/Enhancer can do all of this, and at the same time, be 100% naturally organic?

 Turf and Garden Pro!   Turf and Garden Pro liquid is natural Humate products that contain a large number of naturally occurring bacillus; including one that is a natural nitrogen fixing agent.  Turf and Garden Pro also has a number of antibacterial fungi that fight pathogens and work with your plant roots to extend their ability to gather food and water. Turf and Garden Pro as a Compost Tea Starter/Enhancer  produces plants that are stronger and more resistant to pests and disease while making them more temperature and drought tolerant.

 Recommended Rates:

Pre-activation - 1.0 ounces (2 tablespoons) of Turf and Garden Pro liquid per 5 gallons of Tea Brewed.

During Brewing – 4.0  ounces (1/2 cup) of Turf and Garden Pro liquid per 5 gallons of Tea Brewed.

Happy brewing and great results!


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