Energized Your Organic Potting Mix

A dry product to add to potting mixes:

AgriPro is a 100% natural organic material as it is when it comes out of the ground. It is never treated with heat or chemicals in processing.

AgriPro can reduce the amount of nitrogen needed by as much as 40%.

AgriPro provides many of the trace elements needed in a plant available form for good plant health.

AgriPro provides beneficial soil biology needed for good plant growth and health.

AgriPro provides food needed by beneficial biology while the biology is populating the mix.

AgriPro chelates (Binds) needed nutrients in the mix for better plant use and less waste that becomes pollution.

AgriPro improves the water holding capacity of the mix.

AgriPro can bind up and break down harmful chemicals from pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

AgriPro provides natural pathogen control several of the harmful soil  pathogens thus lowering or eliminating the use of fungicides.

 AgriPro adds to the water holding capacity of the mix thus reducing water usage.

More than 94% organic material

67.7 % Humic acid

1.76 % Nitrogen

Less than 1% phosphorus and potassium

C/N Ratio (Carbon to Nitrogen) 25.63 to 1

pH 4.97

By TurfPro USA  division of Organic Products Company

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