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What Are TurfPro USA Products?

TurfPro USA products are mined from a natural ‘Ancient Humus’ deposit that has never been hardened so all of the humates, organically derived elements, lignin and beneficial soil biology Is still in a natural form.  The all natural material contains a perfect combination of ingredients, not a blend of different materials from many sources, as many others similar products are. This single natural resource contains a rich composition of the following:

 Humic acid. Fulvic acid and Ulvic acid.

 Organic carbon and lignin.

 A wide range of essential organic based building blocks and acids

 A full range of active soil biology including beneficial microbes including bacterial, fungal and protozoa. (See )

 68 plant ready trace elements.

 In dry form (AgriPro) it has 67.7% Humic acid. (California test method)

 Burn tests show the product is over 94% organic. (Ignition test)

TurfPro USA products provide essential acids and compounds that naturally exist in all biological tissues and are needed for healthy plant development.

Because of the complexity of the natural product, TurfPro USA products can be classified under a number of different categories as follows:

 Metabolic Growth Enhancer (Biostimulants)

 Soil amendment (Organic)

 Plant growth stimulant (Organic)

 Soil additive (Organic)

 Soil conditioner (Organic)

 Soil supplement  (Organic)

 Humate substances (Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, Fuvic Acid & Humin)

 Soil inoculant (Organic)

 Soil stabilizer (Organic)

Where do the Turf Pro USA products come from?

TurfPro USA products are from a unique ‘Ancient Humus’ deposit found in the southeast USA.  All our products are from this single natural earth deposit.  It is mined and processed in the USA.  Minimal processing is required; therefore, products qualify as green in nature and green in processing.

Are TurfPro USA products fertilizer?

 No.  TurfPro USA products are metabolic growth enhancers (biostimulant) or soil amendments.  They are based on a 100% naturally occurring organic ‘Ancient Humus’ from a single natural deposit.

 The deposit consists of a unique combination of marine and plant life that provide 68 trace elements - all from organic sources.  

TurfPro USA products also contain beneficial bacteria, fungi and  microbes, of which some (20) have not been found elsewhere.  One of the unique strains is nitrobacillus georgiensis, a natural nitrogen fixing agent - one of very few that works on all three forms of nitrogen; nitrite (NO2), nitrate (NO3) and ammonia (NO4). This means you can reduce your use of nitrogen by as much as 40% and still get the same results and reduce ground water pollution at the same time

TurfPro USA products contain lignin that works as binding agent to lock up chemicals and hold them till beneficial soil biology can break them down.

TurfPro USA products, when used as directed, will build soils and allow the natural increase in microorganisms in soils to flourish which help roots develop and can increase roots ability to take in and hold nutrients and water.  This means a much greater portion of fertilizer applied is used by plants and not leached into the ecosystem where it can pollute.

How do TurfPro USA products work?

TurfPro USA products work within the soil to improve and enhance plants ability to absorb nutrients, provide relief to stressed or shocked plants, increase disease resistance and stimulate root growth and storage ability.

When Should I apply TurfPro USA products?

 Since our products are used in many different geographic locations throughout the world, the rule of thumb is, use monthly when you have the ability to irrigate after application.  In warmer areas, it is used year around and during the growing season in moderate or cooler areas.  The greater the number of applications, the greater the total benefits.  TurfPro USA products are totally naturally organic and cannot harm soils and are safe to use around people, pets and wildlife.

What are the three major ingredients in fertilizer?

 The three numbers on your fertilizer label (30-20-10) refer to the main active ingredients in the fertilizer.  The first number is for nitrogen (N), the second is for Phosphorous (P) and the third is for Potassium (K).  These are the three main minerals needed by plants to grow. The numbers indicate the percentage of each of the ingredients in the total mixture.

 Synthetic vs. Organic fertilizer.  Most organic fertilizers have low N-P-K numbers relative to synthetics.  Because the organic fertilizer is in a form plants can readily use a 3% nitrogen content in organics can equal up to 15% or greater in synthetics; therefore, equal or better results are possible with the organic fertilizers containing far less NPK while reducing pollution possibilities and rebuilding the organics in soils.  The other major benefit of organic fertilizer is the percentage that is not N-P-K is organic material of some kind whereas the inert material in synthetic fertilizer can be almost anything and sometimes can be very harmful to soils.

TurfPro USA products allow plants to make better use of fertilizers; therefore, much less is needed for healthy plants.  They will also allow reduced water usage through increased water holding abilities created in soils and by building extended root systems.

 Nitrogen (N) – Necessary for the production of amino acids, proteins, nucleotides, chlorophyll and others.

 Potassium (K) – Co-factor of many enzymes, necessary for regulatory processes (like guard cell movements) and for syntheses – example - protein biosynthesis.

 Phosphorus (P) – Create energetic bonds (ATP), component of nucleic acids, has part in phosphorylations – example - sugars and proteins.


Are there other elements that are needed for plant health?

Yes – the following trace elements are also necessary for plants to grow, prosper and reproduce.
The following are a number of these elements and their benefits to plants (all are found in TurfPro USA products):

 Calcium (Ca) – Regulatory functions, cell wall structure, stabilizes membranes and controls movements.

 Iron (Fe) – Key catalyst in chlorophyll production.

 Deficiency turns new leaves pale yellow or white while veins remain green.

 Difficult for plants to absorb and moves slowly within plants.

 High pH prevents plants from absorbing Fe.

  Copper (Cu) – Assists in albumen synthesis which makes plants more resistant to fungal and viral infections plus increasing their drought and frost tolerances.

 Deficiency makes new growth wilt and causes irregular growth.

 Excess causes sudden death of plants.

 Molybdenum (Mo) - Helps form proteins and assists fixing nitrogen from the air.

 Deficiency causes leaves to turn pale with scorched-looking edges and causes irregular growth.

 Cobalt (Co) – Important for nitrogen assimilation from the atmosphere.

 Manganese (Mn) – Vital in the photosynthesis process and in the formulation of vitamin C and sugars.  Works with plant enzymes to reduce nitrates before producing proteins.

 Deficiency turns young leaves a mottled yellow or brown.

 Boron (B) – Necessary for cell division and protein formation and increases vitamin content in fruit plus builds resistance to certain diseases. Also needed for pollination and seed production.

 Zinc (Zn) – Participates in fertilization, breathing and albumen carbohydrate synthesis.  Necessary in minor amounts for plant growth.

 Deficiency produces stunting, yellowing and curling of small leaves.

 Others - There are a number of other elements that are needed for healthy plant life: Sulfur (S); Selenium (Se); Carbon (C ); Chromium (Cr); Aluminum (Al); Nickel (Ni); Strontium (Sr); Barium (Br); tin (Sn); Silicon (Si); Lithium (Li); Rubidium (Rb) and others.

 Trace Elements and soil Ph: The availability of trace elements and soil Ph are interrelated. See chart: Soil Ph and Trace Element Availability

How do TurfPro USA products protect against pests and disease?

TurfPro USA products help strengthen plant immune systems plants by furnishing the necessary trace elements needed. Also the beneficial biology within our products can suppress various diseases.

 Laboratory test have shown TurfPro USA Products successful at inhibiting pathogen growth.  See BBC Laboratories Pathogen Inhibition Assay

 Stronger plants – fewer pests and diseases naturally.

Can TurfPro USA liquid products be used as a foliar spray?

 Yes, our products have organically available trace elements (nutrients) included that are absorbed through the leaves and bark that strengthen plant immune systems and prevents disease.  Plants will absorb micro-biology that helps fight fungal diseases and pests giving fast results in many cases.

Protecting our families, pets and the environment should be a major concern for all of us

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