Hog Farm Wastewater Treatment


Hog Farm H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide), TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) Treatment

A hog farm located in southeast Georgia was faced with a 5,500,000-gallon waste lagoon that had gone septic. The lagoon had no presence of biological activity and the solids build-up on the surface of the lagoon was at a critical state. The twenty-year-old farm was also producing a high level of hydrogen sulfide odors. The odors would become so offensive at times that plant employees were unable to perform their duties because of respiratory problems and eye irritation.


Organic Products Company treated the waste lagoon with a single application of Bio10 at a level of 45 PPM (250 gallons). There was an immediate noticeable reduction in offensive odors coming from the lagoon. Within 14 days, the lagoon was showing signs of increased biological activity and a substantial reduction in surface solids. At 21 days after treatment, the lagoon was extremely active with biological activity. The water had returned to a dull pink color and the surface solids were eliminated.

The barns were treated for hydrogen sulfide Bio10. The product was added to the 242-gallon rinse tanks in each barn at a rate one quart per tank. Each barn contained 2 tanks that were used to flush the pit area under the barns twice daily. The hydrogen sulfide reduction was immediate. Covers were removed from the junction boxes and no offensive odors were discovered.

Bio10 was also used in the cleaning process of the farrowing barn. The product was applied with the use of a chemical input line on a pressure washer at a rate of 6 ounces per gallon. The entire interior of the barn was washed with the product. The results were outstanding. The only odor apparent in the farrowing barn immediately following the treatment came from the feed in the barn.

Application of Bio10 continued for a test period of two months. The plant employees reported remarkable reductions in respiration and eye irritation side effects from the hydrogen sulfide odors.


Bio10 solved the TSS and BOD problems in the waste lagoon after a single treatment. The lagoon was functioning properly 21 days following treatment. Hydrogen sulfide odors were greatly reduced by using Bio1 in the pit rinse system at the farm.


Before Treatment


After Treatment

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