Holistic Gardening - Nutrients

Gardening With Your Health In Mind

This is gardening with you and your family’s health as the primary concern. We talk here about what is needed to give you and yours total nutrition naturally.

Finding products that meet the needs of Holistic Gardening is not easy. There are many fine products listed as organic on the market there days, but most of them only address the nutrient needs of plants without consideration of the additional ones needed for good human health.

There are a number of nutrients that human’s needs that are not needed for plant growth or for growing produce. If we are going to avoid many of the ailments that are affecting society today we need to look at the whole picture in growing food for the table.

How do we add these nutrients into our soil and plants in a way that the plants can incorporate them into what we put on the table?

There are a number of products on the market that claim to have many of the plant and human necessary nutrients in them but are they in a form that you plants can intake? Do these products add to the beneficial soil biology that is needed to work with the plant to make them available and help transfer to you plants?

The one place that has most of these needed nutrients and has them in a plant available form it sea water. This is why North Atlantic Sea Kelp is so popular with knowledgeable growers. It can provide most of what you need in the way of nutrients and in a proper form. What it lacks is the beneficial soil biology.

What does have all of the elements that sea water has and has a wide spectrum of beneficial soil biology in it are the products produced by TurfPro USA. These products come from a deposit found in South Georgia. The deposit which was formed by for the last Ice Age consists of 60% marine life and 40% plant life. Since the deposit has never been covered and turn to coal most of the natural biology is still available. The marine life adds many of the elements and from a time period where humans are not polluting the oceans. This means very low amounts of harmful elements found in modern marine life.

TurfPro USA’s dry product ‘AgriPro’ added to potting soil adds in the plants ability to quickly pick up nutrients to give you stronger faster growing plants. Used at planting time it can help the plants rapidly adapt to their new environment and helps make organic fertilizer plant available.

Our liquid products (Turf and Garden Pro and Turf and Garden Pro with Iron) can be used to soak seeds in for faster and healthier germination. It works a soil drench too work with your organic fertilizers. It is a great foliar spray to be used to quickly overcome imbalances that can and will happen in your soil.

First column show elements needed by most all plants and animals.

Second column shows elements needed by some classes of plants and most animals.

Third column shows elements required by a number of plants and most animals.

Forth column shows elements required by some plants and most animals.

Fifth column shows elements some plants may need and most animals.


All TurfPro USA products are verified for organic growing.

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