Holistic Gardening – Soil Biology

What is Holistic Gardening?

Holistic gardening goes beyond organic gardening to consider the interaction of all functions of life and how they interact. Not only are you trying to grow the best things you can to put on your families table but you are creating an ambiance where sight, sound, smell and touch are in balance. It means working with nature to create an area where plants, biology and animals are working together to provide the healthy soil needed.

It goes back to the Birth, Growth, Death, Decay and rebirth cycle that nature intended. The problem we have is that we are not putting back all we take out of the soil in this cycle so we have to find ways to replace the nutrients to keep the cycle functioning. It is a continuous ongoing process where balance is critical no matter what size the ecosystem is. Nutrients are absorbed by plants and soil biology and in nature returned to the environment in the same area. Even small changes can disrupt this balance and stress your plants.

Along with nutrients plants need water, air and light in the proper amounts. Another factor that enters into the equation is heat. Soil temperature is critical to beneficial soil biology. Soil temperature below 50 degrees F. most biology goes dormant.

Without beneficial soil biology your soil cannot perform the task of growing healthy plants that have all of the nutrients in them needed for a well balanced disease resistant life.

It is also called holistic gardening, as it considers the interaction of every element involved in the creation of a garden, from the pH of the soil to the spectrum of grow lights. In holistic gardening, the gardener seeks to understand how all the parts are interrelated and how changing one element will affect all the others. Understanding all the elements and how they work together helps the gardener know what to do next. The soil may need fertilizing or aerating, or certain plants may need more or less light.

This is the most earth friendly way to grow all types of plants.

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