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Fulvic Acid: A naturally occurring yellow-brown humic substance found in coal, lignite, peat and humus. It’s soluble in water under all pH conditions, MEK, and methyl alcohol, and is a powerful organic electrolyte. Its light molecular weight makes it idea for those doing foliar spraying.

Humic Acid: A complex naturally occurring dark brown substance found in association with Fulvic Acid, and is soluble in water with a pH greater than 2. It is insoluble in acids, MEK and methyl alcohol.

Lignin: A complex polymer which is the chief non-carbohydrate component of wood, binding cellulose fibers to strengthen cell walls. It has 7 receptor/donor sites on the molecule which can be either positive or negative as needed to bind with other molecule. It is not found in many of the ‘Humic Acid’ products found on the market.

Ulmic Acid: the portion of the Humic matter which has the ability to ionize metals, thereby chelating them. Ti is insoluble in water and any acid, but soluble in MEK, methyl alcohol and alkalis. It is a component of Humic acid, and can be separated from it.

Humates: Are the result of decomposed prehistoric plant and animal matter with many trace elements included. Because it was once living organism it has the many of the properties available to provide plants what they need for rapid and healthy growth. Humates contain Fulvic, Humic and Ulmic acid and Lignin. High quality humates are mostly organic carbon.


A substantial fraction of the mass of the humic acids is in carboxylic acid functional groups, which endow these molecules with the ability to chelate (bind) (precipitate in some media, make solution in other media) positively charged multivalent ions (Mg2+, Ca2+, Fe2+, Fe3+ and most other "trace elements" of value to plants.

Humates decompose and absorb existing residual pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers by binding them to different compounds such as lignin. The beneficial soil biology can then work at breaking down these harmful chemicals into simpler compounds which can be absorbed by plant roots.

Complete natural humates like TurfPro USA products can protect plants from many of the harmful pathogens with the naturally occurring active microorganisms that are naturally included. It provides other soil biology that works to provide plant with needed nutrients and other that fight other harmful soil biology.

A complete natural Humate such as TurfPro USA products regulates the soil by re-introduction missing microorganisms and trace elements coupled with Fulvic, Humic and Ulmic acids which help make the nutrients in the soil available to the plant roots by breaking the down into absorbable forms.

Plants respond with deeper roots, retain water better, develop strong disease and pest resistance cell walls, and becoming lush and more productive. They will contain fewer stress-induced amino acids resulting from depleted fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, which attract pasts and pathogens. Ever notice the lack of pests and disease on weeds?

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