Magnolia Farms, Dade City, Florida


Yellow Squash


A Certified Organic Farm


Fall plantings for some of the fall/winter season crops were planted in late August 2010:


Yellow Squash – The three rows were planted 8/27/2010 with the control rows (two rows to the left) receiving their normal fertilizing program. The row on the right, in addition to their normal fertilizing program received 2 ounces of TurfPro liquid.










Control Rows         9/10/10       w/ TurfPro added                 Control Rows        9/15/10        w/ TurfPro added   











Control Rows        9/17/10      w/ TurfPro added         


These next two photos are close ups of the buds, blooms and small squash:














Control Group             9/17/2010                                            w/ 2 ounces of TurfPro added at planting 9/17/2010

Grower said that he will be starting harvesting two weeks earlier than normal.


4011A    9/23/2010

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