Product Safety Sheet: AgriPro

Chemical Product and Company Identification

Product Name:  AgriPro

Product Description: Organic Peat Humus

Company:   Organic Products Company

                     26744 County Road #33

                     Groveland, Florida  34736

Emergency Telephone Numbers: 352-326-3308 office, if no answer then 352-217-5553

Composition/Information on Ingredients

Principle Components    CAS#   Percentage

Active Components    Proprietary  > 60%

Water     7732-18-5  < 40%

Hazards Identification

Emergency Overview – Dark brown dry granular material.  May cause minor eye irritation.

Routes of Exposure – Contact, ingestion

Carcinogenicity – NTP, IARC, and OSHA – Not listed.

First Aid Measures

Eye Contact – Flush eyes with water.  Seek medical attention if irritation persists.

Skin Contact – Wash skin with soap and water.    

Ingestion – Dilute by giving water.  Seek medical attention if symptoms occur.

Inhalation – Remove victim to fresh air.  Aid in breathing if necessary.  Seek medical attention if breathing does not return to normal.

Fire Fighting Measures

Flammable Properties

Flash Point     Not Determined

Test Method     Not Applicable

Flammable Limits (Percent by Volume)

 Lower Explosion Limit   Not Known

 Upper Explosion Limit   Not Known

Flammability Classification   Not Classified  (as per 29 CFR 1910.1200)

Extinguishing Media – Use water, fog, foam or carbon dioxide to extinguish.


Accidental Release Measures

Spill Handling – Recover spill with shovel, broom, etc. and return product to container.  No hazards are associated with a spill of this product and no specific handling instructions are required.    

Disposal – N/A

Handling and Storage

Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.  Wash thoroughly after handling.  

Keep container closed.  Empty containers may retain product residue.

Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

Personal Protective Equipment – Wear safety glasses as a precaution against eye contact.  Body covering clothing should be worn.  Use neoprene or butyl rubber gloves.  If respiratory protection is required, a NIOSH/MSHA approved are purifying respirator with an organic vapor cartridge or canister may be used.  Wash hands and face before eating, drinking or smoking.

Occupational Exposure Limits – No exposure limits established for this product.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical state   Course Granular Product

Color    Black to dark brown

Odor    Earthy smell

Specific gravity (water = 1.0) N/D

Solubility (in water)   Soluble

pH     4.5 to 5.0

Vapor pressure  (mmhg)  No information

Vapor density (air = 1)   No information

Boiling point(F/C)   N/A

Percent volatile   84%

      Percent of solids   50-66%

Other Information

Freight Classification (National Motor Freight Classification)

 Non-Toxic Soil Supplement, Schedule B 3802.10.2000, Class 50

Hazardous Materials Information System (HMIS) Rating

 Health  1

 Reactivity 0

 Flammability 1

All information contained in this MSDS is believed to be accurate based on the information available at this time.  No warranties, expressed or implied, are made.

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