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Al Mallett, St. Cloud, Florida
"Thank you on behalf of all the gardner's across the USA. Your product has been a Godsend. Let me begin that this is in no way a paid endorsement or anything like that, it is simply put forth as an acknowledgment for a superior product. I have used Turf Pro for over a year and have had dramatic results in both my lawn and on my plants as well. I might add that I have the 'I'm from Missouri attitude so - show me.' Well the attached pictures are the proof that I needed. As you can see from the pictures some of the bushes are picture perfect. They are all in the same location get the same light and water and have all been fertilized exactly the same. The only difference is that some were watered with Turf Pro and the other were not. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well here are the pictures, need I say more! Again, thank you for this outstanding product!"

TurfPro User, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
"I used your product, TurfPro, this spring and summer and the results were very rewarding and could have been excellent if I had followed the instruction on the first and second application. I have had problems in the past years during the hot weather with some browning at several locations, but this year the browning was light and the next application cured these areas. Also, the flowering plants did very well with a few feedings while applying it to the lawn. The plants were Begonias, Scarlet Sage, Impatient, Vincas, Forget-Me-Not's, and a flowering almond bush that only has spring showing. Although the plant was always stunted, it is much larger so this coming spring it will be even larger and have many more flowers. My lawn is fisque."

Robert Rohlfing, Orlando, Florida
"I have used TurfPro on my sod, annual flowers, bushes, shrubs, and roses for over a year. The difference in solid root growth, plant appearance, and overall strength has been phenomenal. I have done my own "independent testing" by using on specific grass, flower, and shrubbery areas while not using on control parts. The difference has been quite impressive. The plants treated with TurfPro have in some cases doubled in size over the control group. I have also used in side-by-side comparisons with MiracleGrow and various Scotts products and in each case, TurfPro has made the most impressive gain in root growth, appearance, and strength.

I will continue to use TurfPro for any horticulture use I have. I am a believer. Thanks for TurfPro."

Terry Skinner, Landscape Estimator - 30+ years in the industry
"This product has provided amazing root growth on transplanted trees and shrubs. 

Turf Pro made my sod take root within (6) days of installation.  Transplanted roses started to bloom within (2) weeks and trees were producing new root growth within (6) -(10) days of planting.  I would strongly suggest the application of Turf Pro during the planting process for a great start for all you plants."

Brian Smith, Hinesville, Georgia
"Treated lawn (St. Augustine grass) at a rate of 12 ounces per 1,000 square feet. Within 2 weeks, the grass was thicker and greener than it had ever been before. Now has to cut grass more frequently, in comparison to what he did in the past."

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