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4003A 9-20-10

Eric Hughes Papillion, NE

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We moved into a new construction home 3yrs ago this Dec and have had a
heckuva time getting our front yard healthy.  When they go through the
construction phase it seems they take away all the good topsoil and in this
part of the country you're left with highly compacted, clay-rich soil...not
the best for growing a lawn.  Anyway, our dogs have free reign of the back
so it didn't take them more than a year or so to get it up and healthy with
all their "organic" additives, but the front just wouldn't get thick no
matter what we tried.  Your TurfPro plus Iron product did the trick.  We
laid it down pretty heavy, heavier than the directions recommended, knowing
the soil would soak it up well - especially after a good aeration.  And we
were right.  Finally this fall we have a front lawn that is much thicker,
plusher, and with less weeds able to grow through than in the past 2yrs.
Even our neighbor who pays a company to apply their commercial product
comments on how well the lawn has progressed this year and how nice it
looks.  We'll be buying more each year as an amendment to spray over the
lawn each spring and early fall...thanks for a great product.

4003A 9/17/2010

    4003A 9/17/2010

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