Seed Germination with Humates

What we all strive for is the highest percentage of seed germination with strong rapid growth.

Many university tests around the world have shown that using either dry Humates to coat plant seeds or liquid Humates to soak them in increases seed germination percentage and crop yield. Other tests using Humate treated seeds produced crops that had a high uniformly of product, better texture and increase Brix numbers.

Tests of winter wheat found that liquid Humate accelerates the uptake of water by swelling seeds during the initial growth phase. The fact that the seeds take up a sufficient amount of water sooner makes it possible for the activation of enzyme systems which ensure germination to take place, thereby bringing about an increase in respiration intensity. The energy released during respiration is then utilized for more rapid growth of the embryo which is reflected in the rate of germination.

Tests on various tuber type vegetables gave both faster germination and a much higher germination rate.

Humates are known to increase the percentage of germination of seeds in wheat, maize, gram, tomatoes, nuts, peas, beans and other vegetables.

The liquid or dry ‘Complete Humate’ attaches itself to the seed’s surface to start nutrient transfer and start the plants relationship with beneficial soil biology. These processes accelerate the seeds germination leading to less time to three leaf growth stage with a stronger, healthier plant.

What ‘Complete Humate’ in either dry or liquid form can do all of this, and at the same time, be 100% naturally organic?

TurfPro USA liquids and their ArgiPro dry product!   TurfPro USA products are natural 100% organic Humates that contain many naturally occurring soil biology that help fight insects and diseases including pathogens.  TurfPro USA product also contain 68 plant available trace elements to provide the balanced nutrient package that seeds need for healthy germination and plant growth.  

TurfPro USA products help seeds produce plants that are stronger and more resistant to pests and disease, grow to the ‘three lead phase’ sooner while making them more temperature and drought tolerant.

 Recommended Rates:

Liquid – Soak seeds overnight or 12 hours before planting with a 50% TurfPro liquid and 59% water .

Dry  - Coat the seeds with AgriPro  before planting. Place enough AgriPro in a plastic or paper bag with the seeds you want to germinate to coat them well. Shake well to get the seeds well coated them let sit for 12 to 24 hours.

TurfPro USA products are verified 100% organic.

Healthier, faster growing plants from seed Naturally



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