Turf & Garden Pro with Iron


100% Organic, Cold Water Extracted, Natural Humate.

It contains Beneficial Soil Biology, Plant available Trace Elements, a full range of Humic Acid Compounds and Lignin.


Turf & Garden Pro with Iron (T&Gw/I) was developed to meet the needs of professionals and home gardeners looking for the best possible lawn, turf grass, vegetable garden, decorative & flowering plants, shrubs and trees.


T&Gw/I is made from a proprietary mixture of Humates from a deposit that has never been hardened so all of the beneficial biology is still available. The water has been specially processed to work with the other ingredients to give you a well-balanced product with Humic Acid, trace elements and live beneficial soil biology.


Because T&Gw/I uses a cold water process, it retains all its naturally occurring, unique and valuable soil biology plus most of the elements plants need for healthy growth. It is a naturally green product using a minimum of hydrocarbon fuel in its processing.


T&Gw/I contains a full spectrum of high quality Humic materials such as Humic Acid, Fulvic acid and Ulmic Acid plus organic carbon. In T&Gw/I we have added 3% chelated iron for areas where plant available iron is not there in quantities plants need for healthy growth.


T&Gw/I contains lignin, that binds chemical compounds and holds them while soil biology breaks them down into more simple compounds.


T & Gw/I is one of the few Humates on the market that has natural beneficial soil biology to fight pathogens, disease and help plant roots gather nutrients and water.


These special qualities make T&Gw/I the most complete, all natural soil amendment product on the market.


T&Gw/I  is Verified by WSDA to comply with organic growing standards.


T&Gw/I works as either a foliar spray or as a soil drench. Where you have iron deficiencies it works well as a foliar spray to rapidly add iron to a plant. Spray early in the morning while it is cool.


Where can it be used?


As  -  Soil Inoculants  –  Soil Amendments  –  Soil Conditioners  –  Foliar Sprays



Lawns & Turf Grass:  Grow grass stronger, healthier and more disease and drought resistant.  Deeper root systems mean less fertilizer and less water.


Trees & Shrubs:  As a foliar spray, T&Gw/I can prevent many diseases while providing needed trace elements through the leaves and bark giving very rapid recovery. In soils, T&Gw/I makes plants stronger, helps fight pests/diseases and improves root systems while requiring less fertilizer.


Vegetable Gardens: T&Gw/I  adds trace elements that are lacking in many soils (generally not found in most synthetic fertilizers) making your plants healthier and more productive.


Decorative and Flowering Plants: As a foliar spray, T&Gw/I  adds trace elements and works as a disease suppressant.  In soils, Turf & Garden Pro inhibits pathogens, reduces fertilizer needs and works to extend plant roots to gather and hold more water.


Coverage:  For usage rates go to Usage rates and Recommendations Sheet


T&P w/ Iorn is a complete soil amendment that reduces fertilizer needs, reduces water requirements and grows healthier, better looking and stronger plants while protecting the environment.


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Available in 1 quart, 1 gallon and 2 ½ gallon containers


Turf & Garden Pro w/ Iron is safe for use around people, pets & wildlife






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