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The Complete Concentrated Liquid for Agriculture and Horticulture

Soil Amendment, Soil Innoculant, Soil Conditioner, Full Spectrum Humate & Foliar Spray

TurfPro was developed to meet the needs of professionals as either a soil drench or for foliar application for use on all types of crops, turf, decorative & flowering plants, shrubs and trees.

TurfPro is made from a proprietary mixture of Humates from a deposit that has never been hardened so all of the beneficial biology is still available. The water as been specially processed to work with the other ingredients to give you a well balanced product with Humic Acid, trace elements, lignin and live beneficial soil biology.

Because TurfPro is processed using a cold water process, it retains all its naturally occurring, unique and valuable soil biology plus most of the elements plants need for healthy growth. Either heat or chemicals are used in the process.

TurfPro contains a full spectrum of high quality Humic materials such as Humic Acid, Fulvic acid and Ulmic Acid plus organic carbon.

TurfPro also contains lignin. Lignin binds chemical compounds and holds them while soil biology breaks them down into more simple compounds.

TurfPro is one of very few Humates on the market that has natural beneficial soil biology which have been found effective in inhibiting pathogens, disease. It also works with plant roots to gather nutrients and water.

These special qualities make TurfPro the most complete, all natural soil amendment product on the market.

TurfPro is 100%Verified by WSDA to comply with organic growing standards.

TurfPro work as either a foliar spray or as a soil drench.

Instead of buying separate products to give you Beneficial Soil Biology, Humic Substances, Trace Elements & Water Retention agents get it all in one 100% organic product

Where can it be used?

Lawns & Turf Grass:  Grow grass stronger, healthier and more disease and drought resistant.  Deeper root systems mean less fertilizer and less water.

Trees & Shrubs:  As a foliar spray, TurfPro can help guard against many diseases while providing needed trace elements through the leaves and bark giving very rapid recovery. In soils, TurfPro makes plants stronger, helps fight pests/diseases and improves root systems while requiring less fertilizer.

Edible Crops: TurfPro adds 68 natural trace elements that are lacking in many soils (generally not found in most synthetic fertilizers) making your plants healthier and more productive.

Decorative and Flowering Plants: As a foliar spray, TurfPro adds trace elements and works as a disease suppressant.  In soils, TurfPro suppresses pathogens, reduces fertilizer needs and works to extend plant roots to gather and hold more water.

TurfPro is a complete soil amendment that reduces fertilizer needs, reduces water requirements and grows healthier, better looking and stronger plants while protecting the environment.  

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Available in 1 gallon and 2 ½ gallon bottles, 30 and 55 gallon drums, 250 gallon totes and tanker loads.

Safe for use around people, pets & wild life

100% organic

All TurfPro USA products are Green

1005A   5-15-2012

TurfPro USA products are the only all-in-one 100% Organic Soil Amendments, Soil Conditioners, Soil Inoculants on the market that contain: Humic Acids, Beneficial Soil Biology, Plant Available Trace Elements and Lignin in an Organic Carbon base.                                                                                                     

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All products are safe to use around children, pets and wildlife.

All Products are Ecologically Friendly and Green in Manufacture.

Made in USA