Waste Water Pre-Treatment Odor Reduction

Juice Manufacturing Application

A very large New England apple juice factory was facing potential governmental fines and possible shutdown if the factory was not able to reduce odor emissions levels being generated by the factories wastewater pre-treatment facility.


Bio10 was applied at an initial “shock” rate of 100 PPM into the 700,000 aeration tanks the first day of treatment. The Bio10’s impact on the odor was dramatic. Within three hours the odor problem was contained. The second day application rate was reduced to 50 PPM. The third day application rate was reduced to 25 PPM. The application rate was reduced to 5 PPM on the fourth day.


Bio10 provided an immediate solution to the odor problems at the juice factory. The factory continues to apply the product on a daily basis for maintenance at 5 PPM.

Bio10 is 100% organic and will not harm people, pets or wildlife if used as directed.

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           9005B     9/28/2010

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