What are Turf Pro USA Products?


Turf Pro USA products are made from a deposit of “Ancient Humus” found in the Southeastern USA.  The deposit is a unique natural blend of organic matter that was deposited in a bowl shaped depression hundred of thousands of year ago.  The deposit has never been covered with overburden so the material has never hardened in the years since the depression was filled with organic matter.  

Our processing is simple and safe to the critical ingredients found in the raw material.  We simply remove the any brush and surface debris, and then we take off a thin (8inch) layer of material off the surface to ensure we get maximum beneficial soil biology and still leave enough to repopulate the next layer.

At the processing facility we screen the raw product to remove roots and/or other debris to give us a dry Humate (Ancient Humus) material. Since the process does not require heat or chemicals of any kind so our basic Humate has not been altered in any way. This means that the chemical makeup of our Humate has not been altered in any way plus all of the live beneficial soil biology intact and ready to be used.

All Turf Pro USA products are 100% organic and because of the minimal processing they also have the lowest hydrocarbon footprint on the market, making them a “Naturally Green” product.

Organic Carbon & Other Elements:  Latest laboratory tests show our dry product, AgriPro contains over 67% Humic Acid, 1.76% nitrogen as well as small amounts of phosphorous, potassium. It has small amount of the trace elements calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper and sulfur needed for plant life. These elements are in a plant available form.  

It has a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 25.63 to 1 (25.63/1) and a pH of 4.97.

Our liquid products, Turf and Garden Pro, Turf and Garden Pro with Iron and Orchid Pro,  are made using a proprietary process that keeps the natural beneficial soil biology alive. They also contain Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Ulmic Acid and lignin as well as all of the elements listed above.

Humic Substances:  One of the things that sets our products apart from other Humate products is the Humic substances in Turf Pro USA products are naturally occurring Humic, Fulvic and Ulmic Acids of the highest quality and have not been altered or degraded by heat or chemicals used in processing.

To remove Humates from coal or shale after the grinding process, heat and/or Chemicals are used. These processes take large amounts of hydrocarbon fuel thus lowering their environmentally “Green” status plus these processes can alter the chemical makeup of the basic Humate.

Humic Acid is that fraction of Humic substances that is not soluble in water under acidic conditions (below pH 2) but is soluble at a greater pH.  A substantial fraction of the mass of the Humic Acids is in carboxylic acid functional groups, which endow these molecules with the ability to chelate positively charged multivalent ions (Mg++, Ca++ and Fe++). The chelating of ions is probably the most important role of Humic Acids with respect to living systems.  By chelating ions, the Humic Acids facilitate the uptake of ions through beneficial fungi and root systems.  

Fulvic Acid is that fraction of Humic substances that is soluble under all pH conditions.  Fulvic Acid works biologically as a food source establishing a desirable environment for microorganism growth and development.  As a growth stimulant, it increases seed germination, viability and root respiration plus the formation of plant growth, thus increasing crops yield and quality.  Fulvic Acid also helps detoxify pollutants in the soil and also absorb many poisons (reducing soil-life damage) and catalyses the rapid breakdown of toxins.  

Ulmic Acid is the acid radical found in Humic matter which is soluble in alkali. It, like Humic and Fulvic Acid, has properties for nutrient release and cation adsorption.

Lignin:  The other major contributor to Turf Pro USA products not found in Humates derived from coal is lignin. Lignin is originally found as an integral part of the secondary cell walls of plants and some algae. In Humates lignin binds metal ions, thus preventing them from reacting with other compounds and becoming soluble. Metal ions sequestered with lignosulfonates stay dissolved in solution keeping them available to plants. In the case of pesticide residue, lignin locks it up and holds it until soil biology can break it down into harmless compounds thus protecting groundwater.  Lignin is also a high-level food source for the good fungi in your soil helping keep it alive while soils regain health.  Water binding qualities allow lignin to hold as much as seven times its own weight in water making plants more drought resistant thereby helping reducing water usage.

Live Soil Biology:  The other thing that separates Turf Pro USA Humates from those derived from coal and shale is the many forms of living, natural soil biology.  One of the microorganisms indigenous to the site is nitrobacillus georgiensis; a natural nitrogen fixing agent.  Some of the microbes and fungi found in the products extend roots and their ability to reach for food and water.  Others help plants naturally fight off pests and diseases while building the plants natural immune system.  Still others inhibit pathogens naturally found in soils such as Fusarium oxysporum, Phytophthora sp., Collectotrichum sp., Helminthosporium sp., Sclerotium rolfsii, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and others. As a foliar spray the liquid helps combat various leaf diseases.

Summary:  Turf Pro USA products are a unique blend of natural organic ingredients that have disintegrated to the Humate state in an environment that never covered them and changed them into a hardened substance. This unusual deposit allows use to offer you a totally unaltered Humate.

 All Turf Pro USA products are non-toxic, E-coli free and safe to use around people, pets and wildlife while it continually works to improve and protect the environment.

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