What can TurfPro USA products do for you?


Studies have shown that integrating TurfPro USA products into your soil and plant maintenance programs will provide the following benefits:

Promotes Stronger Growth: When used as a soil amendment and/or as a foliar spray, TurfPro USA products encourage growth, suppresses pests and pathogens in the following ways:

 Naturally enhances plants immune systems.

 Amplifies plant and turf ability to absorb nutrients.

 Can revive unhealthy plants and help recovery form environmental stress.

 Used as an additive when brewing compost tea to increase types and number of biology plus providing a food for them.

 Used to minimize transplant shock while encouraging plant growth.

 Promotes stronger and healthier root systems.

 Improves and enriches compost while increasing its rate of decomposition.

 Promotes faster seed germination.

Increases Soil Performance:  TurfPro USA products help build soil structure by providing helpful soil biology, organic nutrients for both plants and biology:

 Helps restore soils to a healthy and fertile condition.

 Opens compacted and heavy soils allowing improved air penetration.

 Improves the water retention qualities of sand by adding lignin and humates.

 Provides and retains valuable soluble nutrients.

 Reduces leaching of fertilizers from the root zone thus making better use of the fertilizer you use.

 Binds and breaks down harmful chemicals thus protecting the loss of soil biology.

 Inhibits many harmful pathogens found in the soil keeping them from harming your plants.

Economic Advantages: TurfPro USA products reduce cost; provide higher yields and more saleable crops:

 Can reduce fertilizer usage by as much as 50% by holding, breaking it down so the roots can deliver it to the plants.

 Can reduce water usage by as much as 40% by improving soil health, increasing root reach for food and water by adding natural fungi and by the water retention properties of lignin.

 Reduces the need for pesticides and fungicides. This lowers your direct cost and protects the environment.

 Can increase yields and quality. Higher return for your crops.

Environmental Contributions: TurfPro USA products reduce impact on the environment by:

 Reducing the amount of fertilizer and making better use of what you do apply.

 Reduces the amount of pesticides and fungicides used while binding up and breaking down many harmful chemical compounds before they enter the environment.

 Helps plants develop better root systems and stronger plants that combat erosion.

Turf and Garden Pro – A complete liquid Humate for lawn, garden and field.

Turf and Garden Pro – A complete liquid Humate with iron added for those where iron intake is a problem.

Argri Pro – Our dry “Totally Natural Humate” with 67.7% Humic Acid for all your growing needs.

TurfPro USA products are verified for organic growing by WSDA.



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