What can TurfPro USA Products do for you?


TurfPro USA product are all derived from a deposit of humus that has never been hardened. It means that not only do they have Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and Ulmic Acid plus a minimum of 68 elements they also contain lignin and many forms of beneficial soil biology necessary for healthy plant life.

Studies have shown that integrating TurfPro USA products into your soil and foliar maintenance programs it can provide the following benefits:

Promote stronger growth:  When used as a soil amendment and/or foliar spray, TurfPro USA products encourage growth, suppress pests and pathogens in the following ways:

 Naturally enhances plants immune systems.

 Amplifies plant and turf ability to absorb nutrients.

 Revives sick plants and helps recovery from environmental stress.

 Used as an additive when brewing compost teas to provide quality humic acids plus soil biology.

 Helps prevent transplant shock while encouraging faster plant recovery.

 Promotes stronger and healthier root systems.

 Improves and enriches compost while increasing the rate of decomposition.


 Promotes faster seed germination.

Increase Soil Performance: TurfPro USA products helps build soil structure by providing helpful bacillus, fungi, organic nutrients and trace elements:

 Restores soils to healthy and fertile conditions.

 Opens compacted and heavy soils allowing improved air penetration.

 Provides and retains valuable soluble nutrients.

 Provides water retaining capabilities to sandy soils.

 Reduces leaching of fertilizers through the root zone providing maximum benefit from fertilizers.

 Binds and breaks down pesticides and other contaminates present in soils.

 Inhibits many harmful pathogens in soils from affecting plants.

Economic Advantages:  TurfPro USA products reduce costs; provide higher yields and more saleable crops in the following ways:

 Reduce fertilizer usage by as much as 50% and more by holding, breaking down and transferring fertilizers more efficiently to plant root systems.

 Reduce the use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.  This lowers direct cost and also protects the environment.

 Increase yields and quality.  More return for the money.

Environmental Contributions:  TurfPro USA products reduce impact on the environment by:

 Reducing the amount of fertilizer used thus keeping pollutants out of groundwater and soils.

 Reducing the amount of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides used and also binding many dangerous chemical compounds and breaking them down into harmless compounds before they enter the environment.

 Developing deeper root systems making plants more drought resistant and increasing the zones where plants can pick us nutrients.


TurfPro USA products are verified organic by the WSDA.                  

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