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Liquid – Turf & Garden Pro and Turf & Garden Pro with Iron. are concentrated Humate base liquid products high in Humic Acid, Fulvic acid with 68 trace elements and many strains of beneficial soil biology. 100% organic.

Dry – AgriPro contain one of the highest concentrations of Humic Acid of any product on the market. Because it is in a natural state, not processed using heat or chemicals the trace elements are in organic form and all of the full spectrum beneficial soil biology is still available. It has the lowest carbon foot print of any Humic product on the market and is 100% organic.


 Existing – Helps restore the soils needed biology and provides all of the trace elements required to have a healthy green lawn. Because it promotes healthier root systems the grass becomes more drought resistant and able to adjust to both heat and cold. TurfPro USA liquid products allow reductions in the amount of fertilizer and water used with better results.

 We recommend the use of Turf & Garden Pro or Turf & Garden Pro with Iron if you feel you have an iron deficiency (See How to use Recommendations and Tips).

New: Seed – Will promote rapid germination of seeds and provide faster growth.

In many cases, soils are low in natural organics and it is recommend applying AgriPro with the seeding to give faster and higher germinations rates. After the seeds have germinated and are at the three leaf stage water the seeds using Turf & Garden Pro or Turf & Garden Pro with Iron with a liquid fertilizer at a rate of 1 quart per 4 to 5 thousand square feet.

New:  Sod – Will promote rapid growth in the root system to better establish a strong healthy lawn.

To help establish roots into the existing sub-layer of soil we recommend Broadcasting from 5 to 10 pounds AgriPro per 1, 000 square foot of area depending on the quality of your sub soil.  After the sod is installed, water in with Turf & Garden Pro or Turf & Garden Pro with Iron at a rate of 1 quart per 4 to 5 thousand square feet.

If you have an irrigation Systems:  When using a sprinkler system it is recommended installing a ‘Fertigation’ system by EZ-FLO (www.ezflofertilizing.com).  A “Fertigation” system can reduce fertilizer and water use by as much as 50%. It also means a minimum amount of labor. All you do is fill the tank with a liquid fertilizer or a high quality water soluble fertilizer at a mixture of 4 to 1 fertilizer to Turf & Garden Pro once every couple months.

Trees and Shrubs:

Existing – TurfPro USA products help keep soil biology healthy so trees and shrubs make better use of fertilizers plus provide needed trace elements.  TurfPro USA liquids used as a foliar spray, a foliar drench or as a straight soil drench. As a foliar spray it works through the leaves and bark to delivery nutrients direct y to where they are used. It also can repopulate beneficial biology on the leaves and bark to build the tree or shrubs natural immune systems that fight insects and disease. As a drench water heavy enough that you get the soil wet at the drip line so that the plants roots and soil biology. Use a mix of 2 ounces per gallon of water.

 TurfPro USA products allow a significant reductions in the amount of fertilizer and water necessary for healthy growth.

New – AgriPro  provides the inoculants necessary to allow trees and shrubs become established quickly.  Field tests have shown that trees planted when humates have been applied at planting, are larger and healthier at one year than the control group.

AgriPro added in the planting hole at the time of planting will help control harmful pathogens. See Application rates for AgriPro

Vegetable & Flower Gardens:

Existing –   Tests have shown that humates can increase the health of vegetables plants and help roots in their uptake of nitrogen.  All TurfPro USA products are 100% organic and can be used in the production of organic fruits and vegetables.  Commercial field tests on onions by the University of Georgia using both AgriPro and Turf & Garden Pro produced increased size and quantity while using less fertilizer and water.  They both help protect the environment by collecting and breaking doen many of the harmful herbicides and pesticides before they can enter the groundwater system.

New Plantings – Tests using TurfPro USA products have shown it to provide faster and better root development while improving plant immune systems providing improved protection from disease and pests.  Additionally, TurfPro USA  products helps provide naturally grown food that is better for you and your family.

 Seeds – TurfPro USA products have been proven to provide first to seed germination and first to three leaf growth stage.  Roll the seeds in AgriPro or drench them in Turf & Garden Pro over night. See.

Organic Growing: All TurfPro USA products are Verified for organic growing and laboratory tests show they are E-Coli free. They give you many of the trace elements your plants need plus helps keep your soil’s beneficial soil biology at a healthy level.

Container Growing of  Plants Indoor and Outdoor:

Indoors – TurfPro USA products bring new life into your potted plants by adding natural biology and trace elements to their lives thus increasing their overall health.  It will help the potting soil hold moisture - even in air-conditioned spaces.

Outdoors – TurfPro USA products make plants more drought and temperature tolerant.   Our products also strengthen root systems while making them more disease resistant.


Orchid Pro was designed to work both as a foliar spray and through the orchid’s root system to provide nutrients and biology needed for both plant health and quality blooms.  It lessens the need for N-P-K by making better use of the fertilizer you use.  It also helps protect orchids from pathogens, diseases and pests.

Bromeliads, Bamboo and Cyads:

Bromeliads - Turf & Garden Pro used as a foliar spray can provide most bromeliads all of the nutrients they need for healthy, insect free growing because they are air plants and require very little fertilizer.

Bamboo -  TurfPro Natural – Dry used when the bamboo is planted will help integrate the plants into their new environment and help give you strong plants with fewer disease problems (See Application rates for TurfPro Natural). After they are established use Turf & Garden Pro every two months for continued health.

Cyads – Treat them as you do bamboo.

Flowering Plants and Shrubs:

This includes roses, camellias, and other flowering bushes as well as annuals and perennials.

Existing – Turf & Garden Pro works as a foliar spray and as a soil inoculant to help control pathogens, diseases and other pests.  It creates greater root mass: thus making plants more drought tolerant as well as providing the soil with healthy soil biology.

New – Used at planting, ArgriPro – Dry helps roots adapt and advance roots into the surrounding soil, thus delivering faster growing and healthier plants )See Application rates for TurfPro Natural).

Compost and Compost Tea Starter:

Both compost and compost teas benefits are mostly derived from the beneficial soil biology they contain. To get this biology started fast and in varied forms the use of our dry product mixed in compost bins and our liquid to start tea brewing gives you a stronger and product with a more complex blend of beneficial soil biology.

Foliar Sprays:

Foliar spraying on all plants can have great benefits. Our liquid product can provide fast acting nutrients through the leaves when plants are struggling to get what they need from their roots. Getting and keep a nutrient balance in your soil is very difficult and many times giving them the trace elements they need trough foliar sprays can overcome the problem. The other thing our liquid does is provide biology that can help plant leaves fend of insects and disease.

When foliar feeding it is best to do it in the cool part of the morning while when leaf pores are fully open.

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100% naturally organic – Approved for USDA organic growing


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