Why are TurfPro USA products the best soil additives available?

1. They are all 100% organic “ based o a “Complete, Ancient Humus” mined from a single deposit in the Southeastern USA.

2. Since the deposit has never been buried or subjected to other changes it is still in a loose form. This means neither heat nor chemicals is used in its  processing.

3. Since it is in a totally natural form, all of the beneficial micro-biology is ready for use. Included in this micro-biology are a number of indigenous species not found else where.  One of these is a natural nitrogen fixing agent.

4. Another “only one on the market” is that TurfPro USA contains, naturally, a food source for all of its biology and fungi.  Without this food source to keep the biology and fungi alive you will lose most of it before it can help the soil or plant.

5. Many of the humates on the market are from derived from soft coal deposits where some of the  trace elements including heavy metals have seeped into the deposit from the overlying layers of earth. This means that there can be numerous trace elements that may not be in a plant available form and it increases the chance of heavy metals intrusion. Our ‘Ancient Humus’ deposit has never been overburdened so, all elements are still in a plant available form.

6. The TurfPro USA ‘Ancient Humus’ deposit is made up of a unique natural blend 60% marine life and 40% plant carbon compounds. This blend gives it a very wide range of useful trace elements in a form that is readily available to plants.  Laboratory tests show it to be over 94% is destroyed by combustion. This leaves somewhat less than 6% to be trace elements.

7. For another product to match TurfPro USA products benefits to the soil other product would need: 1) High levels of Humic, Fulvic and Ulmic acid; 2) Trace elements in a form that is readily available to plants; 3) Very few heavy metals and those in very small amounts; 4) Live, beneficial micro-biology that help plants make use of nutrients in the soil needed for healthy growth; 5) Provide micro-biology and trace elements that helps the plants fight pests and disease; 6) includes a food sources to keep soil micro-biology alive until it can get established.

8. Price! Because TurfPro USA products have Humic acid, Fulvic acid, lignin, trace elements and beneficial soil biology ‘naturally’ from a single source we can offer you the best product for the lowest price. Compare what it would cost you to get all of these benefits from any other source.

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