Orchid Pro

A foliar spray and root drench designed for Orchids,

Bromeliads, Flowering Plants and other Decorative Plants.

100% Organic, cold water extracted natural Humate.

It contains Beneficial Soil Biology, Plant available Trace Elements,

a full range of Humic Acid Compounds and Lignin.

Orchid Pro was developed to meet the needs of professional & home gardeners for use on orchids, bromeliads, roses and other blooming plants.

 Because Orchid Pro is cold water extracted, it retains all its unique and valuable microorganisms and contains many of the needed nutrients plants need and in a plant available form.

Orchid Pro contains a full spectrum of high quality Humate materials such as Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and Ulmic Acid plus organic carbon and lignin.

Orchid Pro also has 3% chelated iron added to reduce the chance of iron deficiencies.

Orchid Pro will allow you to reduce the amount of fertilizer you use thus reducing runoff that can cause pollution.

Orchid Pro is one of very few Humates on the market that has natural beneficial biology in it to fight pathogens, disease and work with plant roots to gather nutrients and water.

Orchid Pro as a foliar spray can directly supply nutrients to our plants reducing the chance or nutrient deficiencies and some of the active biology works to inhibit disease and insect damage.

 These special qualities make Orchid Pro the most complete all natural soil/media amendment product on the market.

Orchid Pro is Verified by WSDA to comply with organic growing standards.

Orchid Pro works both as a foliar spray and as a drench.

Where should I use it?

Orchids:  Makes orchids plants stronger, healthier, more pest and disease resistant with stronger root systems and great flowers.  Plants will need far less fertilizer. Orchids like other plants do uptake nutrients through their leaves. Orchid Pro will also add beneficial biology to the leaf surfaces to help protect against insect and disease.

 For bare root plants such as Vanda’s you can spray the total plant or just the root system when blooming. Feeding on a once a week basis use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. If you feed daily use 1 teaspoon per gallon of water

Baskets and pots for terrestrial type orchids. Orchid Pro works well with common mixes and will allow you to grow great plants in totally inorganic mixes. This will allow you to go much longer between repotting of orchids. Again, you can water the entire plant even when it is blooming if you use a light enough mix. Weekly feeding at 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. For control of some forms of scale and other insects foliar spray once weekly at 1 ounce per gallon of water.

Blooming Shrubs:  As a foliar spray, Orchid Pro can reduce black spot plus other plant diseases while also providing needed trace elements through the leaves and bark for healthy growth. In the soil, Orchid Pro strengthens plant immune systems that fight many pests/diseases and improves root systems.

Roses:  Provides necessary trace elements and fights many pests/diseases while improving the root system.  Stronger plants mean more and larger flowers.

Application rates - One (2) ounce per gallon of water as a soil drench once a month. Apply as a foliar spray when you see nutrient deficiencies or disease forming at a rate of 1 ounce per gallon of water weekly till the problem is gone.

Decorative and Flowering Plants:  As a foliar spray, Orchid Pro adds trace elements and also works as a disease/pest suppressant.  In soils, Orchid Pro can suppress pathogens, allow for reduced fertilizer use plus help the soil hold water.

Bromeliads:  Orchid Pro helps control scale without pesticides and can provide most everything bromeliads need for great color and controlled growth. For bromeliads Orchid Pro can supply all of the nutrient needs plus act to control scale and other diseases. Use at 1 ounce per gallon of water as the plants need additional moisture.

Water: Water quality means a lot to plants. If you use city water or water from treated wells be sure to put the water in a container overnight before you use to get rid of chlorine. If you cannot do that use a water breaker type spray head. They break the water up into small enough drops that most of the chlorine will dissipate before getting to the plant.

In enclosed greenhouses and indoors the lignin in the product plus some of the biology work to reduce ammonia buildup and can eliminate odor.

Orchid Pro is a complete Plant Inoculant and Amendment that lets gardeners reduce the amount of fertilizer used and can reduce water usage, provides better looking plants while protecting the environment.  For more details about our products go to:  What are Turf Pro USA Products.

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Available in 1 quart and 1 gallon containers

It is safe to use around people, pets and wild life

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