Turf & Garden Pro

100 % Organic concentrated liquid Soil Inoculants & Soil Amendment

Cold water extracted natural Humate


Benefits of Turf & Garden Pro:

 Developed to meet the needs of professionals and home gardeners looking for the best possible lawn, turf grass, vegetable garden, decorative & flowering plants, shrubs and trees.

 It is made from a proprietary mixture of Humates from a deposit that has never been hardened so all of the beneficial biology is still available and deionized to give you a well balanced product with Humic Acid, lignin, trace elements and live beneficial soil biology.

 Because no heat or chemicals are used, cold water extracted, it retains all the valuable beneficial soil biology that work with the nutrients (trace elements) to provide plants what they need for healthy growth.

 Contains a full spectrum of high quality Humic materials such as Humic Acid, Fulvic acid and Ulmic Acid plus organic carbon. Again, because of our minimum processing the natural structure of the Humic substances have not been altered so they work naturally.

 Contains lignin that will bind chemical compounds and hold them while soil biology breaks them down into more simple compounds.  It also holds many times its weight in water to help keep the soil moist.

 Fewer diseases and insect damage.  A number of the natural species of beneficial biology in the product can help fight off disease giving you stronger plants that can naturally resist insect infestations.

Turf & Garden Pro is one of very few Humates on the market that has natural beneficial soil biology in it to fight pathogens, disease and work with plant roots to gather nutrients and water.

 It is the most complete, all natural soil inoculant and soil amendment available.  The product is one of the greenest on the market because of the minimum amount of processing that is required.

Turf & Garden Pro  is 1Verified by WSDA to comply with organic growing standards.

Turf & Garden Pro works as either a foliar spray or as a soil drench.

 It is safe to use around children, pets, wildlife and will not harm the environment.

Where can it be used?

Soil Inoculants  –  Soil Amendments  –  Soil Conditioners  –  Foliar Sprays

Lawns & Turf Grass:  Grow grass stronger, healthier and are more disease and drought resistant.  Deeper root systems mean less fertilizer and less water.

Trees & Shrubs:  As a foliar spray, Turf & Garden Pro can prevent many diseases while providing needed trace elements through the leaves and bark giving very rapid recovery.  In soils, Turf & Garden Pro makes plants stronger, helps fight pests/diseases and improves root systems while requiring less fertilizer.

Vegetable Gardens: Turf & Garden Pro adds trace elements that are lacking in many soils (generally not found in most synthetic fertilizers) making your plants healthier and more productive.

Decorative and Flowering Plants: As a foliar spray, Turf & Garden Pro adds trace elements and works as a disease suppressant.  In soils, Turf & Garden Pro suppresses pathogens, reduces fertilizer needs and works to extend plant roots to gather and hold more water.

Hydroponics: As a booster for the growing liquid to give the plants needed trace elements.

Dog Spots: It works to lock up the excess nitrogen from dog urine, provides nutrients and soil biology to rebuild the damaged soil so grass can again grow.

Seed Starter: You will get faster germination and stronger plants.

Compost tea Starter: It will give you a much wider range of beneficial plant biology in your finished tea.

Compost pile enhancer: It will give you many more types of beneficial biology to help breakdown raw organic material.

Transplanting: It helps prevent shock and encourages integration into its new environment.

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Turf & Garden Pro is a complete soil amendment that reduces fertilizer needs, reduces water requirements and grows healthier, better looking and stronger plants while protecting the environment.  

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Available in 1 quart, 1 gallon and 2 ½ gallon containers

Turf & Garden Pro is safe for use around people, pets & wild life

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