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What Is New! 1001A Turf & Garden Pro

Liquid Soil Amendment

 or Foliar Spray

1002A Turf & Garden Pro with Iron

For Iron Depleted


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1003A Orchid Pro

Foliar Spray for

Flowering Plants

1004A AgriPro Dry

Dry Soil


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What TurfPro USA products can do for you:

           Plant needed nutrients (elements) in a plant available form.

           Over 20 species of beneficial bacteria for the soil and leaves.

           5 species of beneficial soil fungi.

           High carbon content to hold moisture and provide food for biology.

           All Humic substances:

                       Humic Acid-  Frees up nutrients in the soil so plants can uptake them.

                       Fulvic Acid-  A key ingredient in foliar sprays and transports nutrients in plants.

                       Humin-  Improves soil fertility and holds large amounts of water.

           Lignin-  Retains chemical compounds until they can be broken down by soil biology and

           can store large amount of water.